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Training Logistics/Facilities

The Institute is committed to provide the best environment for academic life & with our long heritage and strong commitment you'll have a rich, broad background in the humanities and the sciences when you qualify from IPH&H. This foundation, is believed, is the preparation you'll need to enter any field and enjoy a full life as an educated citizen of the world.

Throughout the Institute, whether it is the new Medical Lab., Imaging Sciences Deptt., Dental Sciences, or Communication Technology or I.T. Deptt., the students will find evidence of IPH & H's continuing investment in meeting the needs of its academic community. The Institute has completed the installation of a corporate-wide Information Systems internet linking all local area networks (LANs). This has made quick access to information possible through office computers. Access to information has helped departments plan their budgets, consult each other and prioritize the allocation of corporate resources .We call it the IPH&H Advantage.

Hospital Ward Simulation

The Institute is running Charitable Hospital cum Specialized Polyclinic at New Delhi along with other facilities available round the clock such as Routine & Specialized X-Ray, Computerized Pathological, Microbiological, Immunological and Hormonal investigations, Physiotherapy, Dental & Eye Care Center etc. for the Practical Training of the candidates of various Diploma & Degree Courses. The Institute is attached with several well known Govt. Hospitals/Nursing Homes/Diagnostic Centers, etc.

Department of Biochemistry

Department of biochemistry deals with study of biomolecules and their reactions, both in theory and practical, for Students of Diploma, Graduation and Postgraduation. Clinical biochemistry is specially emphasized for tests of different biochemical parameters for diagnosis of diseases. Tests include tests of qualitative tests of carbohydrate, Protein and lipids, quantitative tests of blood Glucose, Proteins, Lipid Profile, LFT, KFT, minerals as well as enzyme activity. Electrophoresis and PCR is also performed.

Department of Hematology

Department of hematology trains Students in blood sample withdrawal, CBC (Complete blood count) including WBC, RBC, Platelet counting etc, Hemoglobin estimation, ESR, Blood grouping.

Department of Microbiology

Department of Microbiology deals with study of various micro- organisms; their classification, identification, culture and diseases associated with them. Serological and immunological tests are also studied, Diagnosis of diseases like Malaria, Typhoid, AIDS, Hepatitis are specially emphasized.

Department of Histotechnology

Department of histotechnology deals with Study of tissues, received after autopsy and biopsy. When tissues are brought to laboratory, they are processed for further Studies. Tissue Processing various steps like reception, logging, grossing, fixation, decalcification dehydration, , impregnation and embedding Section cutting and .Staining, In this department, histopathology, that is study of diseases related to tissues, are studied in theory.

Department Of Clinical Pathology

Department of Clinical pathology trains students for Physical Chemical and microscopic analysis of urine, Stool and semen.

Department of Radiography

Department of radiography trains Students Principles, applications, doses and hazards of various radiations. Special emphasis is given on training students on handling and maintaining X-ray machine, taking X- rays and developing X-ray films. Students are also trained in ultrasonography and MRI machines.

Department of ECG

Department of ECG trains Students in taking and printing Electrocardiogram of patients. Students are also trained to interpret normal and abnormal Electrocardiograms.

Department of Physiotherapy

Department of physiotherapy trains Students on various types of physiotherapies including exercise therapy and electrotherapy Physiotherapy treatment is also given to patients.


Out patient department of IPH&H is part of a charitable hospital. More than 100 patients visit IPH&H OPD, everyday, for consultation, treatment and nursing assistant. DOTS and vaccination facility is also available. COVID vaccination drive is also organized. Dental and eye camps are also organized time to time. IPH&H students gets training in patient handling in OPD.

OPD Laboratories

The Institute is having adequate and well equipped Medical Laboratories with modern equipments at New Delhi Center. For the Practical Training of the candidates, the Institute is also attached with several Diagnostic Centers & well equipped Govt. Hospitals & Nursing Homes. The Students are provided hands on practice to latest Computerized Instruments e.g. Automated Erba-Chem, Pro Bio-Chemistry Analyser, Spectrum Chemistry Analyser, Automated Haematology Analyser (Sysmex-XP-100), Microwell Elisa Reader, Electrolyte Analyser, Single & Multi- Channel Variable Volume Pipettes etc.

OPD Laboratory is equippped with analysers for diagnosis of biochemical parameters like Diabetic profile, lipid profile, LFT, KFT, It also has analysers CBC. Diagnosis of typhoid, Malaria, HIV, Dengue re done in this lab. Patient’s samples are tested and trainings are given to Students.


Equipped with extensive hard copies and online research materials, the spacious Library is modernized with latest collection of books, periodicals and Subscriptions in various formats with separate CD section. Professional Librarians and supportive staffs are available to assist the students.

Audio Visual & Skill Lab

The Institute is maintaining a Museum with wide range of Medical Charts, Models and soft human specimen for teaching & training of the candidates of the various Diploma & Degree Courses. The Audio-Visual Labs. provide LCD's, OHP's & other computerized equipments for cutting edge training.

Student Lounge

We provide conducive environment for studying. Students are encouraged to make full use of these facilities during the course of their studies.

Transport Facility

The Institute is well connected by many DTC Buses and METRO routes. For the students travelling from different parts of Delhi & NCR . The Institute is providing transport facility from Chatterpur, Dwarka , Dhaula Kuan and Aero City/Mahipalpur Metro Stations. The Student shall have to pay nominal charges per month to avail this service.

Residential Facilities

Boarding and lodging is arranged for overseas and outstation students by the Institute is conveniently located hostels facilities and amenities to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay for the students. Accommodation is available on request. Accommodation will be available on "FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS" principle. A separate hand book containing admission procedure, rules & regulations of the Accommodation can be made available to the parents desiring of availing residential services of IPH&H.

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