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Health Services

Welcome! The Rural Community Health Center staff welcome students and families of the Students. IPH&H students and their families are eligible for medical care including evaluation and treatment for illness and injury anytime during the entire calendar year. Patients are seen on a walk-in and by appointment basis.The Centre is a day-care facility provider for minor ailments and first-aid to the injured.

Services to Our Patients

The Health Center offers our patients most of the services of any medical clinic in the community. IPH&H students use our clinic for illnesses and minor injuries as well as the following services:

Allergy Clinic

Students requiring regular allergy injections can receive their injections at the Rural Community Health Center. Specific allergy testing is not done; students must have their own serum and schedule prescribed by their allergist. Injections are given by appointment and patients must remain at the Health Center for 30 minutes following the injection to watch for adverse effects. A physician is present in the Health Center during and after the injection in the event of a problem.

Contraceptive Clinic

Women desiring prescription contraceptives should make an appointment to visit the contraceptive clinic at the Rural Community Health Center. Before receiving a prescription, you will receive instruction on various contraceptive methods, breast self-exam and STD's. You will also receive a complete physical, including pelvic exam, PAP smear and breast exam. After a thorough evaluation, the doctor will talk to you about which contraceptive is best for you (i.e. birth control pills, contraceptives etc.)

HIV - AIDS Testing and Counseling

The Rural Community Health Center offers confidential or anonymous HIV testing and counseling to IPH&H students and their dependents. HIV testing is encouraged for anyone who has had unprotected sex. Students may schedule an HIV testing appointment by telephone or by walking into the Health Center in person. Making an Appointment by Phone Call the Rural Community Health Center at 011-30620600-09 (Extn.211)and ask for the Scheduling. Notify the Scheduling Clerk that you wish to make an appointment for an HIV test. Making an Appointment in Person If you choose to come to the Rural Community Health Center in person, the Scheduling Clerk will give you an appointment time in a way similar to above. She will offer you an appointment card with the date, time and name of the HIV nurse-counselor. The rest of the process is the same as making an appointment by phone.

Immunization Clinic

College life results in exposure to many communicable diseases, and immunizations are available for a number of these diseases. Rural Community Health Center offers influenza, Hepatitis B, measles, mumps and rubella, meningitis, and HPV vaccines to name a few . Prior to coming to FIMT, students should check with their physician or local health department as to current recommendations regarding their own immunization status. Most immunizations are available at private physician offices and health departments, as well as at the Health Center. For further information about immunizations or how to schedule appointments for them, you may call 011-30620600-09 (Extn.211) and ask to speak to a nurse.

Laboratory Services

Comprehensive laboratory services are available at the Rural Community Health Center. Some basic laboratory testing, including blood sugar, hemoglobin, rapid strep tests and urinalysis can be done on site. Most other laboratory tests are collected at the Health Center, then picked up and delivered to Specialized and advanced Laboratories. These labs have short turnaround time for results. A follow up appointment is usually made for discussion of the results. Some students may need lab work as ordered by their hometown physician. If so, arrangements can be made to have the samples collected at the Health Center or advanced Medical Center and results sent to the ordering physician .

Weight Control Clinic

This is an individualized weight control program with professional guidance and support. A brief physical exam review of your medical history, setting realistic goals and choosing a diet and exercise plan to fit your needs is all part of this service. Call to set up an appointment with our professional staff.

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