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    Rules & Regulations

    Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this Prospectus and it is issued on the express condition that all matters in it are subject to change from time to time without notice. While IPH&H, ND will make all reasonable endeavors to deliver the courses of study and other educational services as set out in this Prospectus, circumstances may change prompting IPH&H,ND to reserve the right to vary the content and delivery of courses and programmes, to either discontinue or combine courses and programmes or to discontinue educational services.

    1. All the Courses of IPH&H are Under Scheme - A, i.e., on Day Scholar-basis, and are Full Time Courses in nature. The classes will be conducted daily (from Monday to Saturday, 09.00 A.M. to 05.00 P.M.) with special training in usage of Computers in Medical field. Both sexes are eligible. Employed persons should apply with a "No Objection Certificate" from the employers, if they wish to attend any course Under Scheme-A or Scheme-B i.e. under 'Postal Coaching/Correspondance-cum-Contact Programme'.
    2. Scheme "B" (Under Distance & Continuing Education Scheme) includes score of One Year Diploma Courses, admission to which is open every year from April to October. Facilities for these in -service Programmes are available only for those who are under employment in concerned fields. The employed persons seeking admission under any of the schemes are expected to furnish a "No Objection Certificate" from their employers.
    3. Under "Self Employment Scheme" "Job Oriented Course" means a candidate may establish/open his/her own, Medical Laboratory /X-Ray / ECG/Ophthalmic/Dental/ Physiotherapy Centre in any part of the Country. No prior permission from any authority is required. However, the Diploma-Holders are advised to contact the local authorities for guidance or any permission, if required, under any law in force in the State, and under the supervision of and in collaboration / association with a qualified Pathologist/Radiologist/ Dentist/Physiotherapist/Ophthalmologist or a qualified Medical Professional in Western/Modern System of Medicine.
    4. Methods of Training : The candidates are enrolled under the following Schemes:
      Under Scheme 'A', the candidates are enrolled under "Day Scholar basis. They attend Regular Classes, theoretical as well as practical and also the field practical classes at the New Delhi Centre, or at any centre, as decided by the Institute.
      Under Scheme'B', the candidates are enrolled under "In-service Technical Training Programme" by New Delhi Centre only. Admission Under Scheme 'B' is strictly on the basis of the rules of various State Govts. and the Right of Admission is reserved with the Management. The Final Examinations will be held in April/May every year, at New Delhi center.
      • Books/Lecture notes are supplied to the candidates, free of charge/cost, against payment of the 2nd Instalment of fees, for the students enrolled under scheme 'B.'
      • The candidates enrolled under this scheme, will attend field & practical training/experience classes and will appear in the Final Examination every year at their own expenses at the New Delhi Centre only. It is compulsory for all the candidates enrolled Under Scheme B, to attend contact programme.
      • It is compulsory for the candidates enrolled under this scheme to attend the practical training/experience classes. Before the commencement of the Final Examination, a Certificate is to be produced by the candidate that he/she has attended 1000 hours Practical Training in the concerned Trade/Occupation & Computer Programming, duly signed by the competent authority of Hospital/Nursing Home/ School etc., on the prescribed "Confidential Report Form" of the IPH&H. The candidate shall have to inform the IPH&H, on commencement or joining or starting of the training, well in advance, and the Examination Centre will be New Delhi only.
      • A copy of the detailed syllabus of the relevant Diploma Course, alongwith a list of books recommended for study, will be supplied to the candidate, free of charge, on receipt of the second instalment of course fee or on receipt of full and final payment only.
      • The candidates will make their own arrangements for lodging & boarding and will appear in the Final Examination at the New Delhi Centre only and during the period of practical experience training and Final Examination i.e. approx. 30 days.
      • Accommodation will be provided (to scheme-B candidates), on request, on payment of Rs. 5000/- (including electricity, water charges) for 15-20 days (subject to any change).
    5. Dress : All the Male/Female students are required to wear white clothes during the Theoretical/Practical training classes/field practice and "White Doctor's Coat" in the regular training classes. The students are required to be properly dressed for all classes to ensure a regular hygienic standard and identity. The Apron will be supplied by the Institute, on payment, with insignia/monogram of 'IPH&H'. Wearing of prescribed dress i.e. White Coat with insignia "IPH&H" during theoretical and practical training, is compulsory during the training period.
    6. Conduct of the candidates : Conduct of the students in their classes, as well as in premises of the Institute, Hostel and in the area, must be such as cause no disturbance to fellow students of the other classes. The students are not allowed to use alcohol, or to attend training classes under the influence of any type of intoxicants i.e. Tobacco, Barbiturates etc. in premises of the Hostel and the Institute. Maintenance of cooardinal & friendly atmosphere is necessary in the Institute, in Hostel & other premises. Use of Pan, Pan-Masala or Gutka or Chewing Tobacco or snuff and 'Supari' smoking of Cigarettes or Bidi or Churat, Alcohol, Sedatives or any Drugs etc. , are banned in the IPH&H and in its Hostel premises.
    7. Security & Entry into the IPH&H's Premises : Security personnel have been deployed at different points to check unwanted entries and to avoid unpleasant happenings in premises of the IPH&H and they have been directed to check Identity-Card, Bags, Briefcases etc. Hence, all the students of the IPH&H are requested/advised not to exchange bad language or arguments with the security personnel at any point.

      The students are advised/requested not to keep any Knife, Razors or Pistol or any objectionable arms and ammunitions, while entering into the premises of the IPH&H or in its Hostels, otherwise, necessary and suitable Legal/Police action will be taken and he/she will be responsible for the consequences thereof.

      The students are also advised/requested neither to use abusive or indecent languages or indulge in or make any hot arguments nor discuss the political or religious issues with their colleagues and staff in the premises of the IPH&H or outside the premises to avoid any unpleasant happening.

      The students are required to carry their Identity Card and Medical Assistance Card during their Theoretical Classes, Field Practical & Internship Training as well as Educational Tours, organised by the Institute.
    8. Change of Address: Notice for change in address should be given by the candidate/student to the Office in writing immediately.
    9. Damage to Property: Students/Candidates shall do nothing either inside or outside the Institute that will in anyway interfere with its orderly administration and discipline. Non-compliance with the rules of the Institute, may be dealt with, by means of suitable fines and punishment. Students are expected to take proper care of the movable & immovable properties of the Institute and if any damage is caused to the property as a break i.e. disfiguring of walls, doors, fittings, and breaking furniture etc., it will be considered indiscipline and culprits will be duly punished. The students may be charged for loss or damage to property or equipment caused by his/her carelessness, negligence or misuse. The students are expected to take proper care of the property of the Institute and to keep the premises neat, clean and tidy.
    10. Attendance: 90% Attendance in the theoretical and practical/training classes is the compulsory condition for appearing in the Half Yearly/Final Examination. The candidate/student will not keep himself/herself absent from the theoretical training classes without prior permission or intimation to the concerned officer of the Institute. Otherwise, disciplinary action will be taken against him/her. 90% attendance is also compulsory during the Field Practical Training (Hospital Internship Training). Students are expected & directed to abide by the Rules & Regulations and Time schedule of the various Regular Training (Theoretical & Practical) Classes. No relaxation in the time schedule will be given in any case.
    11. Examination and Result: The Half-Yearly Exam., Final Exam., and Supplementary Exam. will be held tentatively in the months of January, May/June and October/November every year.
    12. Personal Property : The Institute's authorities will not accept the responsibility for damage or loss of clothing and any other personal property in the Hostel & Institute Premises or grounds or outside the Institute. Students are strictly advised not to leave clothing or valuable articles or books/lecture notes etc. un-attended in rooms.
    13. Right of Admission Reserved : Right of admission is reserved and the decision of the Management of the IPH&H will be final in this respect. The Management of the Institute reserves the right to reject any application for admission in any Diploma Course under any Scheme offered by the Institute without assigning any reason for the rest of the academic year with approval/consent of the Director or Principal or the Chairman of the Managing Committee of the Institute.
    14. Medium of Instructions & Examination : The medium of instructions is 70% English and 30% Hindi at New Delhi Centre. Hindi Translation of English Speeches/Lectures Books/Notes or Vice-versa will not be supplied. Hence, the candidate must have sufficient knowledge of spoken Hindi & English. All the Books/Lecture Notes, etc. are available in English only. However, the candidates are advised to refer Books, Lecture Notes, etc. available in Hindi and in some other Regional Languages in the Library of the Institute.

      Medium of Examination: The Question Paper will be in English language as approved by the Constitution of India.
    15. Payment/Refund of Fees, Fines & Dues etc. : Payment of course, Exam. Fee & other charges in time or on demand is the responsibility of the candidate, failing which, his/her name will be struck off from the rolls of the session without any notice and the fees paid by him/her will neither be refunded nor adjusted in any circumstances. Re-admission Fee. within 10 days will be Rs.12,025/- only.
    16. Refund of Fee: Fees, once paid, is neither refundable nor adjustable in any circumstances, which may please be noted very clearly. The Institute will not be responsible for any change in circumstances or family economic condition or conflicts, disputes or decision to discontinue the study or any other reasons or in case, if a candidate is rusticated, from the Institute.
    17. Payment of Dues : All dues shall be cleared by the dates mentioned in the Prospectus/Office order etc. or as notified by the Management of IPH&H. Names of the candidates defaulting to pay the dues within 20 days, will be struck off from the role of the IPH&H.
    18. Late Fees/Fine : If the dues other than those payable at the time of admission are not paid by the due date, a late payment fine of Rs. 5/- for each day after the due date (including holidays) shall be realised subject to a maximum of Rs. 500/- only.
    19. Payment-Fine & Dues : Students shall have to pay on demand any fine imposed on him/her or the cost of any damage or loss of library books, equipments or other Institute's property movable or immovable. On failure to do so, the same will be recovered from their Security Deposit which shall be reimbursed by the student within the time-specified by the Institute. If the cost of any damage to be recovered or loss exceeds the amount of Security Deposit, the balance shall be deposited by the student or his / her parent / guardian on demand by the Institute. Failure to do so may result in the removal of the student from the rolls of the IPH&H. All dues of the Institute, must be cleared by the students before they are permitted to appear in the Final Examination. If the dues are not cleared, their Admit Cards/Provisional Certificate/Original Diploma will be withheld.
    20. Terms of Payment : All fees are payable in advance and strictly either in Cash or through a Crossed Bank Draft made in favour of the 'Institute of Public Health & Hygiene', and payable at 'New Delhi' as per schedule given below :
      • All the candidates Under Scheme B (i.e. Under Postal Coaching Scheme) will remit their fees either in Cash or through a cross Bank Draft drawn on any Bank in favour of the "INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH & HYGIENE" payable at
      • "NEW DELHI". Cheques of fees are not accepted in any circumstances
    21. Striking of the Roll :
      • His/her own request endorsed by his/her parents/guardian
      • Continued absence without obtaining leave for Six (06) working days;
      • Irregular attendance and poor progress in studies;
      • If his/her behaviors, character or activities are not satisfactory.
      • If ordered to be expelled or rusticated from the Institute.
      • Causing damage to the goodwill & prestige of the Institute.
      • He/she has been found in a habit of consuming Alcohol/Barbiturates or any other sedatives and
      • He/she is found indulged in any anti-social / Illegal / Criminal procedure of Law or any FIR has been lodged against him/her.
      Under no circumstances, the fees will be refunded or adjusted and degree/diploma/certificate of lesser duration will be issued, if a candidate is rusticated from the institute.
    22. Re-Admission : However, on payment of Re-admission fee of Rs. 12,025/- (Rs. Twelve thousand twenty five only) within 06 days, along with the dues and penalty if any, re-admission can be considered by the Management of the Institute, in deserving cases. Re- admission will be at the discretion of the Director /Principal and their decision will be final in this respect. Re-admission can only be done once.
    23. Accommodation in the Residential Facility : Students wishing to take up residential facility, shall have to fill-up the Application Form for reservation of Accommodation and he/she has to agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the facility, Institute and submit the same along with the charge certificate of physical fitness duly signed by Medical Officer of the Institute. He/She shall have to live in the residential facility upto the Final Examination. He/She will not be allowed to leave the residential facility in any circumstances during the session or else his/her admission will be cancelled.

      It is made clear to the Parents/Guardians that the Institute is not responsible for the undesired activities/leaving the Institute /Residential Premises without permission of the concerned authorities of the Institute/ Resident Incharge, any activities / habits of the students which may cause his/her any physical or mental trauma.

      However the institute provide proper security to the students availing residential facility, the Institute will not be responsible for any unto-do incident, medical emergency or in case if the student leave's the campus or residential area without proper permission or after misguiding the officials of the Institute.

      It is advised that the parents, desiring of putting their ward in residential facilities to provide minimums possible list of authorized visitors, local guardian.

      In case if any student is reported to be disobeying the instructions, rules & regulations he/she shall be rusticated from the residential facility as well as from the Institute and fee / charges paid shall be forfeited and the decision of the Management shall be binding on the student and his / her legal guardian.

      (a) It is compulsory for Parents/Guardians to submit a declaration regarding the Health History of their ward alongwith the Accommodation reservation Form. If there is any infection or disease that had occurred in past or present with the ward, it must be mentioned in a clear and detailed manner in the declaration to enable the Institute's Management to take precautions and proper care for the same.

      (b) Under any circumstances, the Institute will not be held responsible for any natural calamity or any UNTO DO incident during the entire period of the course or while boarding in the accommodation by any student.

      In case, the name of the student is struck off the rolls (vide rules for "Striking off the Roll") he/she shall have to vacate the accommodation within 24 hours. The accommodation is only for the candidates who are on the rolls of the Institute. OUT-SIDERS or PARENTS/GUARDIANS or FRIENDS/RELATIVES. etc. OF THE STUDENT ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE ACCOMMODATIONS PREMISES. Every students shall have to remit the Accommodation charges, in advance, by or before the 2nd day of each month, failing which, the student shall have to pay the fine as imposed by the Institute.

      Residential Facility : Accommodation is available, on request & on payment of Rs. 5,500/- per month (Accommodation & Mess Charges) per candidate in the accommodation for Boys & Girls (separately) at New Delhi Training Centre of the Institute. Every candidate shall have to remit Rs. 2,500/- per year as consumable charges (Non refundable). Accommodation will be available on the "FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS" principle.

      • The students are provided Homely environment Comfort
      • Mess and Common hall
      • Provision Store
      • PCO
      • Intercom for incoming Calls
      • Healthy Educational Environment
      • Laundry (On Demand)
      • Security
      • 24 hrs. Electricity & Power Supply
      • Hot water supply in winters
      • Vehicle for local Shopping
      • Health Care Services. From time to time, the hostellers are also taken out for Picnics & on Educational tours in and around Delhi on share basis.
      The candidates shall have to pay all the revised monthly charges as per new Session's Information Broucher / Prospectus every year.

      Use of alcohol/any intoxicant or narcotics/smoking/consumption of pan masala/gutka/non-vegetarian articles are not allowed in the hostel premises. The admission will be cancelled if found using any of the said substances.
    24. Character & Behaviour of the candidate in the Residential facility: The candidates shall have to maintain high standard of character, hygiene, social and mutual behaviour during their stay in the Hostel of Institute, where the boys and girls from different parts of the country with different languages, culture and homely backgrounds and tradition are staying.
    25. Other Charges : Every candidate shall have to pay/remit the following mandatory/ compulsory charges/fees at the time of confirmation of his/her admission or at the time of Reporting for regular training.
      • STATIONERY CHARGES : As mentioned in the Admission Confirmation Letter.
      • COURSE MATERIAL FEE: As mentioned in the Admission Confirmation Letter.
      • Every Candidate shall have to pay/remit the above charges at the time of reporting for training.
      • Rs. 1000/- (Approx.)
      Please Note : The Fee or above said charges if once paid, are neither refundable nor adjustable, in any circumstances.
    26. Right to Call Parents/Guardians : The Secretary / Director / Principal of the IPH&H are authorised and competent to call the parents / guardians of the students in the office of the IPH&H or in its associated Organisations / Trust / ociety / Hospital / Nursing Homes in case :
      • If the attendance of the student is less than 90% in any month;
      • If the student has developed a habit of keeping himself/herself absent from the classes without any intimation or permission;
      • If his/her behaviour of action may cause/ has caused/ is causing damage to the movable or immovable property, prestige & reputation of the IPH&H and its Associated organisations,
      • If his/her behaviour or character is not satisfactory or upto the mark,
      • If he/she has not paid the course Fees, Examination Fees, Hostel and Mess Charges, and
      • He/she has developed the habit of ignoring instructions issued by any authority of the IPH&H, New Delhi-110 037.
      No. T.A./D.A. will be paid to the parents/guardians of the students, if called for meeting/ discussion.
    27. Field Practical Training : The Institute will arrange for the Six/Four months Practical Training in reputed Govt. / Semi-Govt. / Private Hospitals / Nursing Homes etc. for students of the Two Year Diploma Courses of the Institute. The decision of the Director / Principle in this respect will be final. The students will not be allowed for practical training out side the NCR. The students shall have to pay the charges for field practical training, if demanded by the hospital.

      He / she may be terminated from the practical training if his / her behaviour is not found upto the mark during the training period. The decision of the Director / Principal in this regard will be final. 90% attendance is compulsory during the field practical training.
    28. Internal Assessment : Internal Assessment Marks will be given on the following grounds:
      • Students have appeared in all the periodical class tests and Half-Yearly Examinations conducted by the Institute from time to time and have completed his/her assignments, Practical Files, Field Projects & Survey, Reports, Dissertations etc. given to him/her during the Academic Year Field Practical.
      • 90% Attendance in theoretical & practical training classes
      • Availed leaves with prior information and permission from the class (theoretical & practical) and
      • Character and behaviour of the candidate in the Institute, Hostel premises & during field practical training.
    29. Students Concession : The students can also avail the Air & Railway Concession facility for visiting their home towns during Holidays.

      Air Concession : The Indian Airlines/Jet Airways and other Airlines are providing Domestic Air Concession to the students interested in traveling by air on the following Terms & Conditions:
      • he/she should not be more than 26 yrs. of age,
      • he/she is not employed anywhere,
      • he/she is not in receipt of stipend and
      • only for the holidays declared by the Institute.
    30. Change of Course : Application for change in the Diploma Course will be accepted only if it is countersigned by the Parents/Guardian of the student along with Documentation Charges of Rs. 1000/- only, within 30 days from issue of Admission Confirmation Letter. The application for change in Course will be accepted once only during the Session.
    31. Application for change from Two years to One year Diploma Course is not accepted in any circumstances. However, students interested in transferring from One year to Two years, they may do so by applying on the prescribed format available at the Admission Office and submit the same back at the cash counter of the Institute with a nominal fee of Rs. 1000/- only within 30 days of their date of admission in their concern course.

      In case, if any candidate discontinue the 2 years Diploma programme after completion of Ist year, due to any reason, no Diploma of lesser duration shall be issued/awarded in any case .
    32. Holidays : All days declared as holidays by the Government of India, Govt. of NCT Delhi/University of Delhi as closed Holidays, Gazetted Holidays and Restricted Holidays are observed as "Closed Holidays" for the students/candidates in the Institute, subject to arrangement for special theoretical or practical training classes or examination.
    33. Employment Assistance : The Institute is also providing Employment Assistance to the candidates, who successfully qualify the Diploma Course in the Final Examination. Candidates can apply on the Proforma available in the Office for registration of their name for Employment Assistance. But the IPH&H, New Delhi does not guarantee or assure employment in any sector viz. Govt./Semi Govt./Private etc.

      Abroad Placement : The Institute also provides assistance for placement in India & Abroad in collaboration with various Abroad Placement Agencies.
    34. Formation & Collaboration/joining of illegal Unions/Councils/Welfare/ Associations of students are not allowed, and the candidates shall have to follow the high standard of moral and ethical values in life and practice during their stay, classes and training period in this Institute.
    35. The students are not allowed to indulge in any anti-social or any anti-religious activities and not to keep any arms and/or ammunition items during their stay and study in campus & hostel.
    36. As per the directions by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in educational institutions. In case, if any student is found ragging /harassing other candidate, he/she will be restigated and booked under law.
    37. The Min. of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India, has banned smoking in public places/Educational Institutions. Therefore, all the students are directed not to smoke in the campus or hostel of the Institute. Any student found doing so will be booked under the law.
    38. The Institute reserves the right to amend previously announced fee and/or rules & regulations, if necessary from time to time and without any prior information/notice.

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